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Labour's Leicester City Mayor should apologise for failed grant distribution says Cllr Nigel Porter.

February 2, 2019 8:59 AM
By Cllr Nigel Porter, Aylestone Ward

As the row continues over support of a grant of £200,000 in a building in the City Centre then occupied by a business which failed in the location, Liberal Democrat Cllr Nigel Porter (Aylestone Ward has said the Labour City Mayor should apologise to the taxpayer.

"At the time the Labour Mayor gave away £200,000 of taxpayers' cash - the business owner said 'without the support of Leicester City Council and the grant, our restoration of the building would simply not have been financially viable- well the business wasn't financially viable even with £200,000 of taxpayers' cash.

Public money is not there to be risked in business ventures.

Poor businesses will fail no matter how much public money the labour council pours into them. How can the Labour Mayor take other peoples money and lose it without paying for the consequences.

The Labour Mayor needs to send out letters of apology at his own expense to the tax payers of Leicester and stop speculating with public money.

If he wants to fund failing restaurants and bars then the cash needs to come from his own pocket - not yours or mine."

Nigel Porter

Cllr Nigel Porter calls on the Labour City Mayor to apologise for granting £200,000 to a building where the business subsequently failed after 2 years in the location.