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Welcome to the Leicester City Liberal Democrats Website

The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

Recent updates

  • Scotswood Crescent/Hillsborough Road junction. Is this safe for a cyclist?
    Article: Jan 28, 2019
    By Eyres Monsell Ward Liberal Democrat Focus Team

    The Eyres Monsell Team have been out at various times during the weekend and have reported a series of issues found to Leicester City Council. The flashing carriageway light which has been flickering at the junction of the Glenhills Way/Glenhills Boulevard sliproad was reported to the Council this morning,

  • Article: Jan 28, 2019
    By Leicester Liberal Democrats

    The Leicester City Council website advises the next Aylestone Ward Community Meeting will take place on Thursday 31st January, 2019 at the Aylestone Baptist Church on Lutterworth Road. LE2 8PE.

  • Article: Jan 27, 2019
    By Leicester Liberal Democrats

    Twi questions were raised at Leicester City Councils Full Meeting on Thursday pertaining to Planning Application breaches and subsequent Enforcement Action thereafter. It was advised that of the breaches in the last 3 years, 29 had occured in Conservation areas of the city with no formal enforcement taken place, due to negotiated resolutions being sought. Overall there had had been 48 Enforced Actions taken by the Labour run council during the same period.

  • Article: Jan 27, 2019
    By Leicester Liberal Democrats

    Leicester City Council are proposing to update its Conditions of Tenancy. Full details of the consulation and relevant background documents can be found at the following link:


    The closing date for the consulatation is 5th February.

  • Article: Jan 10, 2019

    Canvassing action day - Saturday 12th January

    The first Nottingham Lib Dems to be elected in 12 years?

    Can you canvass? Do you want to see us get Lib Dems win a seat in Nottingham for the first time in 12 years? Are you done with me asking questions now? In which case, read on!

    A new ward called Castle has been created. It's like the boundary commission decided to ring fence the highest concentration of our members and create a ward based on that. It's a gift. We've also been working in this area since the EU referendum in 2016. That's what I like to call "luck".

  • Article: Jan 1, 2019

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to 2019 - It's been lovely to speak with some of you over the last few weeks. Great to see a mix of new and old faces at the helms of our local parties.

    I thought I would write this to introduce myself as your new Regional Chair and to wish you a happy, prosperous and successful New Year. It is going to be an interesting one, it's true. Over the Christmas period, I found myself thinking about how much has happened in such a relatively short time, across Europe, in Westminster and across the Region. That in 50 years time, people may well be studying this period that we are living through right now. What we do now, locally and nationally, really matters.

  • Article: Jan 1, 2019
    By Leicester Liberal Democrats

    The Leicester Liberal Democrats wish all Members, Supporters and Residents across the Unitary Authority of Leicester a very happy and prosperous 2019

  • Article: Dec 31, 2018
    By Greg Foster

    As we enter 2019, time is ticking down on Brexit, and with it the whole future of the country.

    The history books will look back on these coming three months as critical.
    It is almost unbelievable that Parliament is waiting a further week to return!

    After two long years of negotiation, the Prime Minister has brought back a Brexit deal that satisfies no-one. Her reaction is to try to scare people with the prospect of a 'No Deal' Brexit. In reality, that can't happen unless she decides it should.

    So the only way forward - now - for the country and the Prime Minister is for the public to have the final say, and the option to Remain.

    It's a campaign we Liberal Democrats started more than two years ago. Now millions of people have joined us in demanding a better future than Brexit Britain has to offer.

    And the power of the millions who have signed petitions, lobbied their MP, or marched on Parliament - 700,000 of them just this year - is beginning to bear fruit. A People's Vote has moved from being a possibility to being a probability.

    But only if we keep the pressure up. If we succeed, 2019 will be a year remembered not because we harmed our country with Brexit, but because we - the people - stood up and stopped it.

    And if we do that, our Parliament and Government can once again deal with big issues like climate change, rising crime, the social care crisis, homelessness and housing supply, all of which have been neglected because of Brexit.

    Enjoy your New Year celebrations and then let's get out there in 2019 and win the fight for a People's Vote and a brighter future for Britain.

  • adlib_mag.jpg
    Article: Dec 30, 2018

    The 2018 edition of Ad Lib Magazine is out now. Read it here:

    Read the latest edition

    Starting next year, Ad Lib will now be an online-only publication, released quarterly. We'll also be sending some of the editions to our members who aren't on email as well.

    If you'd like anything included in future editions, please email membership@libdems.org.uk.

  • Article: Dec 24, 2018
    By Leicester Liberal Democrats

    The team at Leicester Liberal Democrats wish All Members and Supporters a very Merry Christmas.