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Welcome to the Leicester City Liberal Democrats Website

The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

Recent updates

  • Article: Jul 19, 2020

    Let's be clear. As we move into the new decade, away from the roller coaster ride that was the 2010s, the Liberal Democrats need to change, and fast.

    Most polls are placing us at 6-8%. On a good day, we might cheer at a 1% increase in our polling.

    Our country needs a strong and successful liberal party, at every level of government and in every part of the country, and I have a plan to return us to our winning ways.

  • Article: Jul 19, 2020

    I am excited for the future of the Liberal Democrats. I know that together, we can put more Liberal Democrats in town halls, council chambers and Parliaments across the country and kick Boris Johnson out of Downing Street.

    The maths are simple. We are in second in 91 seats across the country and in 80 of them, we're against the Conservatives. If we want to make sure we don't have a Tory government in 2025 then Liberal Democrats have to take seats off the Conservatives.

  • Article: Jul 19, 2020


    Hustings begin at about 16 minutes


  • Ed Davey MP
    Article: Jul 19, 2020

    Ed Davey has the vision, experience and judgement necessary to lead the Liberal Democrats at an incredibly challenging time for our party, and our country.

    The election review was clear. People need to know what the Liberal Democrats stand for again, and Ed wants our party to stand for a more caring, greener and fairer society. That means a new deal for carers, a £150bn investment in the green economy and a universal basic income.

  • Layla Moran
    Article: Jul 19, 2020

    British-Palestinian Layla was born in Hammersmith in 1982, to her father James and mother Randa. Over the next twelve years the Moran family moved between Ethiopia, Greece, Jordan and Jamaica, due to James' role as an EU diplomat. During this period, Layla was joined by two sisters and a brother.

    Aged twelve Layla attended the inaugural year at the American International School of Kingston (Jamaica), with hers and other families helping to establish it. After a hit and miss educational background, involving a period of being the only child in her year group, she came to the UK for some educational stability.

    Layla studied physics at Imperial College London and completed a PGCE at Brunel University before completing a master's degree in comparative education at UCL's Institute of Education. Here, she identified her deep frustration at the embedded social inequalities in the UK, which (when compared to the countries she had grown up in) felt entirely unjust.

    From then onwards Layla was a maths and physics teacher at the International School of Brussels Queensmead School and Southbank International School in London. Layla joined the Liberal Democrats in 2004 after researching which political party best aligned with the aims and principles of the education sector to redress inequalities.

    The foundations of Layla's political career are in community action and building a broad base of support. She started by leading a campaign to save a community centre at the end of her road and is a proud community activist. Whilst teaching the International Baccalaureate, she won the selection process to be the Liberal Democrat candidate for the constituency of Oxford West and Abingdon.

    As a candidate, she campaigned to save local businesses and fought for better school provisions. In 2017, she achieved a historic 15% swing to take the seat from the Conservatives by 816 votes. She also became the first UK Member of Parliament of Palestinian descent and the first female Liberal Democrat MP from an ethnic minority background.

    Layla has been passionate about education throughout her parliamentary career. After the election Layla became the Liberal Democrat spokesperson for education, science and young people. She used her maiden speech to call for fair funding in schools, and spoke out against the closure of all of the Sure Start children's centres in Oxfordshire.

    Layla on Education: "As a former teacher, education is close to my heart. I joined the Lib Dems because their education policies are best placed to ensure every child is world-ready, not just exam-ready."

    Layla also began making a difference with her work as a member of the Public Accounts Committee, and became a familiar face in the media with regular appearances on our televisions and in our newspapers, notably making the first appearance by a female Liberal Democrat MP on the BBC's Have I Got News for You.

    At the 2019 general election Layla stood for re-election. With support from Lib Dems, Labour supporters, Greens and moderate conservatives, she increased her majority by over 8000, to 8,943.

    In March 2020, Layla announced she would be running in the Lib Dem Leadership Election,

    Layla on her election campaign. "The moment for change exists, and with the right leader and vision, progress is within the Lib Dems' grasp. We just need to reach out, seize this moment, and move forward as a strong and united party. That's why, throughout the leadership contest, I will be asking Lib Dem members to Vote Layla, and move forward together"

  • Article: Jul 19, 2020

    When asked by Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey during today's PMQs, the Prime Minister finally accepted his Government will "learn the lessons of this pandemic" and confirmed there will be in independent inquiry.

    Watch the exchange below 👇 👇

  • Article: Jul 19, 2020

    There are hundreds of thousands of people in the UK who do not identify as exclusively male or female. Sadly - like other members of the LGBT+ community - far too many of them experience discrimination, harassment and hate crimes. Many avoid being open about their identity for fear of how others will treat them.

  • The Lib Dems will improve our NHS and social care
    Article: Jul 19, 2020

    Responding to the Government's decision to exclude social care workers from the new Health and Care Visa and the entire "skilled worker" route under the new points-based system, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson Christine Jardine said:

    "It is utterly outrageous that Boris Johnson's Government has pretended to prioritise social care during the COVID-19 crisis, only to announce that these vital key workers will be excluded from the so-called "Health and Care Visa".

    "Without our social care workers, the most vulnerable in our society would suffer immeasurably. And yet their work is not deemed of sufficient value to this callous Conservative Government. This is a deeply short-sighted move that risks stretching the sector to breaking point, with 120,000 vacancies to fill.

    "Priti Patel might consider social care workers to be unskilled, but the coronavirus pandemic reminds us they are anything but. The Liberal Democrats will oppose these destructive policies and continue our fight for a fair, effective immigration system that works for our economy and society, and treats everyone with dignity and respect."

  • Article: Jul 19, 2020


    2,483 children under 16 admitted to hospital this year with MALNUTRITION reports Layla Moran MP

    Lib Dem leadership candidate Layla Moran MP has collated this 'shocking' data on hospital admissions from 50 English hospital trusts in a FoI request.

    Almost 2,500 children have been admitted to hospital with malnutrition in the first six months of the year - double the number over the same period last year - prompting fresh concern that families are struggling to afford to feed themselves and that the pandemic has intensified the problem.

  • Article: Jul 19, 2020

    Too many people's lives are blighted by discrimination, inequality and injustice.

    The Black Lives Matter protests demonstrate the urgent need to tackle racial injustice and build trust in the police among BAME communities.

    The Black Lives Matter protests demonstrate the urgent need to tackle racial injustice and build trust and confidence in the police among BAME communities.